02 January 2014

What's in a Name?

We were so overwhelmed with all of the love when we announced we were adding a baby girl to our crazy little family and we wanted to thank everyone that showed their love and support.  While Dave was not shocked at all to hear that the baby was a girl, I am still in shock.  After the ultrasound tech told us "girl", I had the doctor confirm when he came in.  I'm actually still thinking of boy names because I just can't believe I'm having a girl.  All of this to say that I'm not disappointed, just shocked!

We've had our girl name for as long as I can remember...long before we ever had Jack.  It's not really a secret as we've told so many people over the years.  We've usually kept our baby names quiet until the little one is out in the real world, but this time we have a little motor mouth in our midst.  It has been decided that we will share our baby girls name well before her estimated due date.

For those of you who can't understand what Jack said, here is a transcript:

Mommy: "Hey, what's your name?"
Jack: "Jack"
Mommy: "What's your brother's name?"
Jack: "Sam"
Mommy: "What's your baby sister's name?"
Jack: "Baby Kate"
Mommy: "I love you!"
Jack: "Love you!"

Baby Mulley #3 will be Kate Nicole Mulley

Kate is a name that both Dave and I love, both say the same, and we are pretty sure everyone can spell it (just like Jack and Sam).  Nicole is for my cousin whose life was tragically taken from her last February at the age of 33.  I contacted my aunt and uncle to ask for their blessing to use Nicole's name as our baby girl's middle name and they said that they were honored and that it would mean the world to them.

Nicole and I (along with a few other cousins) practically grew up together at our grandparents' beach house.  As we got older, we didn't see each other as much as our interests were different, but she will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have always understood that losing a child is devastating, but now that I am a parent-that fact really hits so much closer to home. Nicole is included in some of my fondest memories and Dave and I wanted to do something that would contribute to her legacy.

So there you have it!  Baby Kate has an official name and we are happy to share with all of you!

24 December 2013

The Penis Situation

We woke up at six o'clock this morning so that we could be out the door by half past in order to get to the doctors office for my Level II Ultrasound appointment at seven o'clock. Shwew! Did you get all of that? Yes, I had a doctors appointment at seven in the morning on Christmas Eve. I didn't even try to get a babysitter, we just planned on taking the boys. Jack was really excited to see Baby Alexander (what he has named the baby) on the television. The first thing he said when he got up this morning was, "Everybody ready!?! It's time to go to the doctor and watch tv!"

We loaded the car with testosterone and snacks and were on our way. When we arrived at the doctors office, I went up to the receptionist and began the check-in process. Jack walked up the receptionist and said, "Hello! I'm Jack. This is my mommy and this is Baby Alexander!" It's really a shame that Jack is so shy!

The ultrasound technician looked at all of Baby's parts (brain, heart, spine, kidneys, arms, legs, feet, hands, yaddayaddayadda) and everything looked fantastic. Luckily, we didn't use up all of our healthy baby genes on Jack and Sam. Then came time for the big reveal. Was I carrying a boy or was I carrying a girl? Wouldn't you know it, Baby had the legs shut tight and the umbilical cord was right in between them. I explained that we could not have another stubborn child, that role was already filled by Sam. She continued to poke and jiggle me hoping to get Baby to cooperate and then she finally made an educated guess.

Oh? You thought I was just going to come out and tell you the sex of Baby #3. Ha!

Watch to find out:

15 December 2013

Father Christmas

Today, we headed to Chapel Hill for brunch with Santa (or Father Christmas as Jack calls him--we're fancy in the Mulley house!).  This is, by far, one of my favorite Christmas traditions that we have in our house.  It will be a sad day when the kids are too cool to have brunch with Father Christmas--let's all take a moment to hope that time never comes.  This year, Ghee-Ghee came along on our adventure.  Jack has been talking about having brunch with Father Christmas for weeks and he was very excited about seeing him. 

After I got the boys dressed, I snapped a picture of them together because I didn't know how things would go once we saw the big guy in the red suit.

When we got to brunch I got the boys and myself some food and then sat down to start eating.  All of a sudden, we hear sleigh bells and a hearty Ho Ho Ho!  We look up and see Santa!  The look on Jack's face was pure love and excitement.

He spotted Santa

Santa making the rounds

I've learned from previous years that it's best to not have Jack wait in line for long so I quickly got in line to wait for our chance to talk to Santa.  We were third in line, but Santa likes to take time to talk to everyone (and I really appreciate that) so the line doesn't move as fast as it does at the mall.  

Jack came to join me in line and was getting more and more excited as his turn came.

We're next!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
Once it was our turn, Jack got a case of the "bashfuls".

He insisted on Mommy joining him

Father Christmas sharing his sleigh bells with Jack
Then we decided to add Sam to the mix.  He got a case of the "don't leave me with that stranger dude". 

At least Father Christmas and I are enjoying ourselves
Of course, we had to get Daddy in the picture, too.  We do that every year.

The Mulleys and Father Christmas
Then Jack told Santa that he wanted a train for Christmas and that Sam wanted one, too.  We asked Santa if he wanted to hold the littlest baby and he said, "Where is the littlest baby?" and Jack replied, "In Mommy's tummy!"

The "Littlest Mulley" in Santa's lap.
So the "Littlest Mulley" sat in Santa's lap and he said that was probably the youngest child he'd ever held.

*Oh, you didn't know we were expecting Mulley #3?  We blogged about it at the beginning of November, but in a very subtle manner.  SURPRISE!  Not many people picked up on our announcement so we just enjoyed our little secret a little longer.*

Back to story already in progress:

 After being terrorized by (and terrorizing) Father Christmas, we finished eating and then Jack was ready to get his face painted and get a balloon animal.

Checking out the action

Trying his very hardest to sit still

It's so hard to not smile

Admiring the finished product

Father Christmas and his reindeer

On the way out the door, we stopped to get one more family picture in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree.

The Mulleys, Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from the Mulleys!

03 November 2013

Sam's 1st Birthday Party Wrap-up

Yesterday, we celebrated Sam's first birthday with a mustache bash at our house with family and friends. Sam and Jack had a great time playing with everyone. It was such a beautiful day outside that we moved the train table out onto the back deck and opened the back door so all the kids could have free reign.
Enjoying the beautiful weather on the deck
Jack playing trains with his friends
Millie and Ally checking out Sam and Jack's toys
Bennett and Sam playing "together"
Drake enjoyed the trains so much I don't think he ever went inside.
The girls are trying to win Jack's heart with their jumping skills
Jack getting his mustache applied

I think he really rocks this 'stache!

My sweet friend, Allison, took on the role of head photographer for the party and she ended up with lots of great shots.  Here are some of the details that would have otherwise been forgotten (thanks, Ali)!

'stache straws

big ol' pot of chili

food table


You must look the part at a Mustache Bash

Balloons everywhere!

many mustaches

the 52 weeks of Sam
After everyone played and ate themselves sick, we moved on to the opening of the presents.  Everyone was so generous with Sam and gave him such wonderful thoughtful gifts.  What makes it even more awesome is that Jack and Sam are so close in age that they both like playing with the new toys!

Sam helping Mommy open presents

super cute shirt from the UK

Ally, one of our helpful assistants, ready to assist

Ally and Millie taking care of the trash

Sam is beyond excited about his Toys R Us gift card

Sam and Mommy reading the card
Next up:  cake time!  Sam was much more interested in his birthday cake than Jack was at his first birthday.  It was cute to watch him dig in.  Even after everyone quit watching, Sam just kept going!

The first touch of cake

sharing with Daddy

Daddy trying to get in a midway cleaning (silly Daddy)

Still going strong

Yuck Yum!

Really digging in now

What are you looking at?!?
Are you still there?  Has this post been too long and with too many pictures?  Sorry!  For those of you still there, I wanted to share the last present that Sam opened at his party.  It was a very special letter written to Sam:

Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated Sam's special day with us.  We all had a great time and feel so lucky to have so many people who love our little family.

05 September 2013

Preschool: Brought to You by the Letter "G"

Today's post about preschool is brought to you by the letter G.

When Jack woke up this morning, I told him he was going to go to school today.  I then asked him what he was going to do at school.  He said, "Play trains!"  Then on the way to school he mentioned trains again.  As he entered his classroom, I peeked around the door and watched him for just a minute.  He walked right past the train table and right over to a little girl who was crying in the corner of the room.  He put his hand on her shoulder and asked, "You okay?"  My heart swelled with pride for my sweet little man who has a gentle soul and a kind heart!

G is for gracious

On my way out of the school, another mom called my name so I turned around, but continued walking (I was trying to rush out the door to make it to the gym).  While not paying attention to where I was going, my breast was fondled by a former Carolina Hurricanes player, who shall remain nameless.  I whipped around and said "Oh my, I'm sorry.  Excuse me!"  He looked lost, confused and somewhat terrified.  I'm not sure if that is from touching my breast or the sheer chaos that is morning drop off at the preschool.  He was very apologetic as he also wasn't looking where he was going.  And off we went our separate ways.

G is for grope

At the end of the day, I went to get Jack.  I spoke with his teacher out in the hallway as she was hanging up papers to go home and the assistant was in the classroom reading the students a story before time to go home.  Jack's teacher stuck her head in the classroom and told me to come look.  Jack had retrieved a pillow and was laying down listening to his teacher read a story.  Every other child was sitting up listening...not my boy!  He was worn out from a busy day.

G is for groggy

Schatzi's House : Day One

The littles and I recently headed Down East to see my Aunt Schatzi.  As soon as we arrived at her house, we loaded up and headed straight to the beach.  We went with a couple of Schatzi's young neighbors (Junior, age 10 and Ruby, age 6) and Jack was so happy to have some big kids to play with. 
Jack and Junior telling the paparazzi to beat it!

As I was trying to put everything down and set up our area, Jack headed straight into the water with all of his clothes, socks and shoes on.  Sam wasn't much better.  I put him down and became a recently hatched sea turtle.  He kicked some sand out of his way and started his pilgrimage to the water.  He crawled all the way to the water and didn't stop when he reached-in he went!

here we go...


almost there...

so close...

ahhh, water!

Eat my bubbles
Ruby and Junior was so good with my little boys.  They were happy to play with them and were very careful while playing with them.

Ruby is pulling Sam and Junior around

Jack wandered out to join in the fun

When we got back to Schatzi's house, Junior went down and got his family's golf cart and then took us all the neighborhood playground.  While Jack did enjoy the playground, he really enjoyed the golf cart!

Sam, the swinging baby

Let's see if I can figure out how to start this thing...

Hold on Schatzi...here we go!

Jack really wanted to push Sam on the swing. 
Sam was not as thrilled with this choice

Jack telling Sam that it's okay

Junior swinging really high for Sam

to be continued...